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There is a growing realization among educators that the world is changing faster than educational Apple iPhoneorganizations can react. In most classrooms today, cell phones, iPads and other electronic devices Apple iPadare considered distractions. Their use is discouraged and sometimes forbidden. Yet after 3 PM every day, that's how many students choose to communicate and learn.

Technology may be the best way to reach and teach our students. Students don't have to carry heavy textbooks from class to class anymore. There are efforts toward using digital textbooks embedded with multimedia and video that better illustrate ideas and concepts than printed words on a page. Districts are experimenting with 1 to 1 initiatives with iPads, netbooks, and laptops. Students can access tutorials and instructional resources online anytime from school or home. They no longer rely on their teacher as the only source of information in their classroom.

FacebookStudents don't communicate the way their parents or teachers do. They use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and they use small portable devices like smart phones for text messaging and iPads for accessing the Internet for online content. Content is going digital and it's all available on computers, laptops, phones, iPads, netbooks and a variety of other portable devices connected to the Internet. At California Learns, we recognize these changes. Read more about California Learns...

California Learns Instructional Resource Portal

At California Learns we are purchasing resources on behalf of hundreds of thousands of students enabling us to leverage that buying power and passing on tremendous savings to schools who otherwise could not provide these resources to their school community in an affordable way.

The California Learns Instructional Resource Portal for teachers includes a growing library of paid subscription-based and free resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Resources are divided into major categories including Media, Curriculum, Reference, Technology, 21 Century Learning, Staff Development and eLearning.

California Learns Instructional Resource Portal for TeachersTeachers have access to everything via a single sign on portal using their own login and password 24 hours a day from school or home.

California Learns includes:

  • Pay-for Subscription Based Resources
  • Free Resources
  • Single Sign On Portal Technology
  • Live Online Staff Development Workshops
  • A variety of multimedia and video tutorials

Learn more about the California Learns Instructional Resource Portal for teachers.

Student Instructional Resource Portal

The California Learns Instructional Resource Portal for students is full of media, reference, and curriculum resources to help students achieve in school. The Student Portal is also available to parents and provides them with resources to help their students achieve. Depending on the student's grade level, the resources in the portal are divided up into main categories including Media Resources, Reference Resources, English, History, Math, Science, Technology, Career, and Technology.

California Learns Student Resource PortalStudents and their parents can login to the portal using the same account either from school or home 24 hours a day.

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California Learns Buying & Licensing Consortium

California Learns is a new buying and licensing consortium for California School Districts. Your district will save thousands of dollars on on online course curriculum from OdysseyWare and student data systems from LinkIt!.

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